My Story

I changed my career from a high school Chemistry teacher to an EdTech Specialist after I found my passion to use 
the appropriate EdTech apps, while taking computer science courses on Coursera, EDX, Microsoft Educator Center, and other valuable learning platforms.

E-learning has become increasingly popular because it’s a convenient alternative to traditional, face-to-face classes. As an E-Learning Specialist, I've implemented the skills I've learned into the training sessions for my fellow teachers. I’ve helped them to use the latest methods of using technology in education, including virtual learning techniques, and how they can engage their students to participate in their lessons.

Work experience

K-12 E-Learning Specialist, International Baccalaureate IB School
Sharjah, UAE / 2019 – PRESENT


  • Design and deliver professional development for K-12 teachers as needed on the use of instructional software and hardware.

  • Mentor/coach teachers in integrating current, relevant, and supportable technologies into their classrooms.

  • Collaborate with curriculum departments and school-level instructional staff for instructional planning, observation, and feedback as needed, co-teaching, and modeling strategies for effectively integrating technology into teaching and learning.

  • Maintain current knowledge of effective instructional and coaching pedagogies.

  • Assist the school with the investigation of instructional technology solutions.


2017 - 2020

Kiron Open Higher Education, Germany

Computer Science 

2006 - 2011

Tishreen University, Syria

Master of Science - MS Physical Chemistry

2002 - 2006

Tishreen University, Syria

Bachelor of Science - BS. Chemistry

Accomplishment Specialization

Key Skills