• Mohamed Amneh

AI for Medicine Specialization

About this Specialization

AI is transforming the practice of medicine. It’s helping doctors diagnose patients more accurately, make predictions about patients’ future health, and recommend better treatments. This three-course Specialization will give you practical experience in applying machine learning to concrete problems in medicine. These courses go beyond the foundations of deep learning to teach you the nuances in applying AI to medical use cases. If you are new to deep learning or want to get a deeper foundation of how neural networks work, we recommend taking the Deep Learning Specialization.

There are 3 Courses in this Specialization

  1. AI for Medical Diagnosis

  2. AI for Medical Prognosis

  3. AI For Medical Treatment


  • Diagnose diseases from x-rays and 3D MRI brain images

  • Predict patient survival rates more accurately using tree-based models

  • Estimate treatment effects on patients using data from randomized trials

  • Automate the task of labeling medical datasets using natural language processing


  • model interpretation

  • Image Segmentation

  • natural language extraction

  • Machine Learning

  • time-to-event modeling

Intermediate Level You can program in Python and are comfortable with statistics and probability. The Deep Learning Specialization is recommended but not required.

Approximately 3 months to complete Suggested pace of 7 hours/week

English Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish

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