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What is Assemblr?

Assemblr is a content creation platform that facilitates you to create 3D contents which could be visualized in form of Augmented Reality! With Assemblr, you can create or visualize immersive 3D contents on your smartphone, or even import your own 3D models to Assemblr to be presented in real-life setting using AR. Our goal is to make AR accessible to everyone, everywhere!

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on your view of the real world. Simply put, AR adds digital images to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. It gives you an illusion as if they occupy the same space.

What’s the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Unlike VR, which completely immerses you into a virtual environment, AR blends virtual content with objects in the real world. That’s why, AR is easier to integrate in your daily lives! We predict that AR will be the way most people access information in the future.

How do I install Assemblr?

Assemblr is available to download through App Store and Play Store.

Which operating systems and devices can I use Assemblr on?

Assemblr is compatible with mobile devices running at least iOS 9 (for Apple) or at least OS 5.0 Lollipop (for Android). For Android devices, you should also have at least 2 GB RAM and 5 MP camera.

Is Assemblr free?

Assemblr is free to download, however we offer in-app purchases for some premade items in our library. Don’t worry if you need to save up, you can still import your own 3D object or even earn rewards from our competitions!

How can I build and augment my projects?

We have created a playlist of tutorials to help you tinker with Assemblr’s building tools for the first time. To augment your works, you just have to tap the AR mode button while on build mode. You’ll be asked to scan the ground, then you’re ready to go!

Can I import custom 3D objects from 3D modeling softwares to Assemblr?

Yes, you can! With the help of Assemblr Studio, you are able to convert and optimize your custom 3D model (in .FBX format) to be directly transferred into Assemblr’s mobile app itself.

Can I export my projects from Assemblr into 3D models?

Yes, you can export your projects into FBX, STL, and GLB file formats using the Classic Editor. Tap on the menu on the top left of your editor, then tap ‘Export 3D’.

Can I share my project on social media?

Of course! We really encourage you to share your enthusiasm to your friends and family. When you publish your project, you will find the option to share your project directly to Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, you can also share your project manually by taking a screenshot or video recording of your work. You can find the capture and record buttons at the right side of the screen while viewing your project in 3D or AR.

How can I join Assemblr Certified Creator?

To join Assemblr Certified Creator, you can fill out the registration form here. All shortlisted candidates will receive an e-mail invitation to join our workspace, where all further communication and activities will take place.

What are the requirements to join Assemblr Certified Creator?

A minimum of basic 3D skills (modeling, UV mapping, and texturing) will be required. Our team will guide you to learn further about how to make AR contents using Assemblr and professional 3D softwares

Is Assemblr Certified Creator free to join?

Assemblr Certified Creator membership is free. If anything, you will get paid after you complete a project!

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