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CoSpaces Edu Online Courses

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

What are CoSpaces?

CoSpaces is a mixed reality web-based application that allows users to create and engage with interactive media content. CoSpaces affords student the ability to demonstrate their knowledge in new ways by building virtual interactive worlds, simple or complex, that is approachable for the uninitiated.

Is CoSpaces Edu free?

CoSpaces Edu now offers a free version of its 3D creation platform. The new online platform, CoSpaces Edu Basic, allows any school or teacher to bring the latest technologies to the classroom for free and let students experiment with 3D modeling, interactive storytelling, block-based coding, and VR content creation.

What age is CoSpaces?

Adaptable to any age or subject

CoSpaces Edu can be used in any grade and for any level or subject part of the curriculum.

Online courses:
  1. Educator's beginner course

  2. VR Learning Lab online course

sample of course certificate:

For More info and PD resources check this link below:

CoSpaces Edu Pro resources

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