• Mohamed Amneh

Cybersecurity Specialization

Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Construction of Secure Systems

There are 5 Courses in this Specialization

  1. Cybersecurity Capstone Project

  2. Cryptography

  3. Usable Security

  4. Hardware Security

  5. Software Security

About this Specialization

The Cybersecurity Specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems, from the hardware to the software to the human-computer interface, with the use of cryptography to secure interactions. These concepts are illustrated with examples drawn from modern practice, and augmented with hands-on exercises involving relevant tools and techniques. Successful participants will develop a way of thinking that is security-oriented, better understanding how to think about adversaries and how to build systems that defend against them.


  • Software Testing

  • Cryptography

  • Usability

  • Penetration Test

  • Cybersecurity

  • Privacy

  • User Interface

  • Fuzz Testing

  • Buffer Overflow

  • Sql Injection

  • Number Theory

  • Public-Key Cryptography

Intermediate Level

Some related experience required.

Approximately 8 months to complete

Suggested pace of 2 hours/week

Flexible Schedule

Set and maintain flexible deadlines.


Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean

Offered by : University of Maryland, College Park

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