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IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Kickstart your career in data science & ML. Build data science skills, learn Python & SQL, analyze & visualize data, and build machine learning models

What you will learn

  • Learn what data science is, the various activities of a data scientist’s job, and methodology to think and work like a data scientist

  • Import and clean data sets, analyze and visualize data, and build and evaluate machine learning models and pipelines using Python

  • Apply various data science skills, techniques, and tools to complete a project and publish a report

Program units

There are 10 Courses in this Professional Certificate

  1. What is Data Science?

  2. Tools for Data ScienceTools for Data Science

  3. Data Science Methodology

  4. Python for Data Science, AI & Development

  5. Python Project for Data Science

  6. Databases and SQL for Data Science

  7. Data Analysis with Python

  8. Data Visualization with Python

  9. Machine Learning with Python

  10. Applied Data Science Capstone

About this Professional Certificate

Data science is one of the hottest professions of the decade, and the demand for data scientists who can analyze data and communicate results to inform data-driven decisions has never been greater. This Professional Certificate from IBM will help anyone interested in pursuing a career in data science or machine learning develop career-relevant skills and experience.

This Professional Certificate is open for anyone with any job and academic background. No prior computer programming experience is necessary but is an asset.

Applied Learning Project

This Professional Certificate has a strong emphasis on applied learning. Except for the first course, all other courses include a series of hands-on labs in the IBM Cloud that will give you practical skills with applicability to real jobs, including: Tools: Jupyter / JupyterLab, GitHub, R Studio, and Watson Studio Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, ipython-sql, Scikit-learn, ScipPy, etc. Projects: random album generator, predict housing prices, best classifier model, Predicting successful rocket landing, dashboa rd and interactive map


26% Started a new career after completing this specialization.

Shareable Certificate: Earn a Certificate upon completion

100% online courses: Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible Schedule: Set and maintain flexible deadlines.

Approximately 11 months to complete: Suggested pace of 3 hours/week

Beginner Level: No prior experience required.

English Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Persian

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