• Mohamed Amneh

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Specialization

Learn the language of Computer Science. Learn the math that defines computer science, and practice applying it through mathematical proofs and Python code

There are 5 Courses in this Specialization

  1. Combinatorics and Probability

  2. Introduction to Graph Theory

  3. Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science

  4. Number Theory and Cryptography

  5. Delivery Problem

About this Specialization

Discrete Mathematics is the language of Computer Science. One needs to be fluent in it to work in many fields including data science, machine learning, and software engineering (it is not a coincidence that math puzzles are often used for interviews). We introduce you to this language through a fun try-this-before-we-explain-everything approach: first you solve many interactive puzzles that are carefully designed specifically for this online specialization, and then we explain how to solve the puzzles, and introduce important ideas along the way. We believe that this way, you will get a deeper understanding and will better appreciate the beauty of the underlying ideas (not to mention the self confidence that you gain if you invent these ideas on your own!). To bring your experience closer to IT-applications, we incorporate programming examples, problems, and projects in the specialization.


  • Graph Theory

  • Number Theory

  • Cryptography

  • Probability

Beginner Level No prior experience required.

Approximately 6 months to complete Suggested pace of 5 hours/week

English Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Greek

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