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Pear Deck

Updated: Nov 10, 2021


What is Pear Deck used for?

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool used to actively engage students in individual and social learning. Teachers create presentations using their Google Drive account.

How do students use Pear Deck?

Turn on Email Login so Students Join with an Email Address

Go to Pear Deck Home.

Click on your person icon.

Click My Account.

Click Settings.

Go to the Require Student Logins section. Click ON. Then, choose the account type you want students to use to join your Sessions.

Do students like Pear Deck?

Students are so engaged and eager to contribute to the lessons with the interactive features of Pear Deck. I love the ease of use for both students and teachers while using Pear Deck. Pear Deck is so wonderful but I wish it was Free for the premium features. I used the free version and was very pleased.

What age group is Pear Deck for?

Intended for children under 13. Collection or use of data is limited to product requirements. Personal information is displayed publicly. Users can interact with trusted users and/or students.

Pear Deck + MIEE

If you are a MIEExpert or a Microsoft Showcase School you can visit peardeck.com/miee to redeem your Pear Deck Premium!

Download PDF • 750KB

YouTube Videos

How Pear Deck Works?

Pear Deck Quick Tips

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