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SAS Programmer Professional Certificate

Updated: Feb 21

Launch Your Career with a SAS® Credential. Master the skills required for the SAS® Base Programmer certification.

There are 4 Courses in this Professional Certificate

  1. Getting Started with SAS Programming

  2. Doing More with SAS Programming

  3. Preparing for the SAS Programming Certification Exam

  4. Practicing for the SAS Programming Certification Exam


  • Understand and use the fundamentals of the SAS programming language

  • Access different types of data (SAS, Excel, or text), then explore and prepare the data

  • Analyze and report on data and export results to common formats (HTML, PDF, Excel)

  • Apply SAS programming principles in practical examples.


  • SAS Studio

  • Import Data

  • Reports

  • Prepare Data

  • SAS Programs

About this Professional Certificate

When you complete the SAS® Base Programming courses, you will have demonstrated skills in manipulating and transforming data, combining SAS data sets, creating basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures and identifying and correcting data, syntax and programming logic errors. These skills prepare you for the SAS® Base Programming Specialist certification exam.

Applied Learning Project

In the last course of this professional certificate program, you complete projects that demonstrate your knowledge of SAS programming. In the first project, you write programs for each stage of the SAS programming process to analyze passenger claims at United States airports. In the second project, you use your knowledge of the data preparation stage to write programs that restructure world tourism data.

Beginner Level No prior programming or SAS experience is required.

Approximately 5 months to complete Suggested pace of 4 hours/week

English Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish, Persian

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