• Mohamed Amneh

Starting-Building-Developing Skills

A new six-level skills-centered English course for young adults and adults based on the highly successful, award-winning Skills in English series.

•Preparation for English medium study in tertiary level education.


-Starting Skills 1 & 2.

-Building Skills 1 & 2.

-Developing Skills 1 & 2.

Content focuses on language competencies as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEF).

•The whole series takes students from beginner to independent user/proficiency.

•Content extends to the level required for study in English-medium at universities.

CEF A1–High B2/Low C1.

IELTS 2–6.5.

•A comprehensive and flexible, multi-level, skills-based English course.

•Covers the four key skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), in addition to vocabulary and grammar.

•Provides detailed teaching plans for all lessons, plus methodology notes and language and culture notes.

•Focuses on the real grammar found in academic texts.

•Helps students to understand and produce complex sentences.

•Focuses on the grammar required in academic English.

•Teaches academic skills from the lowest level using accessible, relevant and motivating texts based on ten key knowledge themes.

•Each level includes:

-a Course Book with audio CDs.

-a Teacher’s Book.

-a Workbook with audio CDs.

•Each level is organized into 12 units.

Ten with a defined thematic focus and two Review units at the halfway and endpoint of the level.

•In Starting Skills and Building Skills there are 12 lessons per unit.

•In Developing Skills, each unit contains 10 more integrated lessons.

For more info and to download please click on the bottom below:

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