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What is a Credly badge?

Badges are digital assets used to communicate a learning achievement or credential. Credly badges link to metadata that provides context and verification. They can be shared across the Internet for maximum visibility and recognition.

What is Credly certification?

Credly is a leading digital credential platform that empowers organizations and individuals to recognize, communicate and track verified achievements. Credly seamlessly integrates with hundreds of applications that schools, employers, and associations use every day.

Why do I need Credly?

Credly's digital badging platform offers the most comprehensive features to design and issue badges, enterprise-class functionality to scale and manage programs, and enhanced analytics to measure success. Credly's best-in-class security and privacy features make your product and data secure.

What is Credly Linkedin?

Credly empowers organizations to officially recognize individuals for demonstrated competencies and skills. See jobs Follow.

Who uses Credly?

The most common users of Credly are from Small Businesses and the Biotechnology industry.

Do people use


With tens of millions of users, Credly is capturing what Janzow sees as a treasure trove of data that will yield insights into work and learning

Is Credly credible?

Credly is the end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials. Credly works with credible organizations to provide digital credentials to individuals, worldwide.

How do you put the Credly badge on your resume?

In order to display your badge

on your LinkedIn profile, log in to Acclaim (Credly), select the badge you would like displayed on LinkedIn, and then select share. The site will then walk you through connecting to LinkedIn and a series of confirmation steps.

How do I add a Credly badge to my website?

Visit your "My Credit" section from the user menu at the top right corner of the site, and visit your "Categories" p

age. Personal Categories help you manage your Credit and make it easy to share select Credit to your social networks or your own website or blog.

My Credly Profile


Finally, let me know in the comments are you using Credly?

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