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What is the Microsoft educator Center? and how to be an MIE Expert?

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Microsoft Educator Center is a place for teachers to explore self-paced courses and learning paths related to Microsoft products and classroom best practices. ... Once you've finished some of the courses, check out the Microsoft EDU page to connect with other educators.

How can I get a certificate in Microsoft educator Center?

Once you have passed the quiz and earned the badge, the certificate will be available on your profile page. To download a certificate, click the "view details" button next to the badge to access the profile page of Microsoft Education Center.

How do I become MIE Expert certified?

Step 1: Be sure that you have joined the Microsoft Educator Center and completed your profile. You will need to download your transcript, put it in a location in which you can share it, then create and share a URL to your transcript as a part of the nomination process. You can find your transcript by going into your profile on MEC. Step 2: Ensure that you have successfully passed two hours of courses on the Microsoft Educator Community and earned your Certified MIE. Alternatively, you have attended at least 2 hours of professional development by an MIE Trainer and redeemed the provided achievement code in MEC. You must be a Certified MIE to become (or stay) an MIE Expert. Step 3: To prepare for the self-nominations, You will want to start collecting evidence and working through these questions: http://aka.ms/MIEEQuestionsFY22 to plan your nomination. MIE Experts are expected to use at least two of our core tools on a regular basis (Teams, OneNote, Forms, Minecraft: EE, Flipgrid), and are expected to understand and demonstrate how our suite of solutions supports teaching and learning. Once you have planned out your responses, nominate yourself here between November 15 and December 15: http://aka.ms/EduNomination

What is the role of an MIE Expert?

  • MIE Experts have adopted 21st-century teaching and learning, take risks, and strive to improve their pedagogy to integrate technology tools that improve student outcomes.

  • They model that failure is an opportunity to reflect and learn as well as resiliency.

  • They see the MIE Expert community as a valuable Professional Learning Community that helps them continue to improve their own practice.

  • They are seen as a leader in their school and school system.

  • They provide coaching/mentoring to other teachers and support their growth.

  • They partner with principals and school leaders in whole school/system transformation.

  • They are comfortable presenting in front of other educators/leaders and sharing their stories of growth and learning.

  • They look for ways to give back to the teaching profession (MIE Experts get back what they put into the program)

MIE Experts will be selected by the regional Microsoft representative based on the quality of the responses to the self-nomination form, the level of innovation and use of Microsoft tools described in the learning activity and the level of detail in how becoming a part of the program will impact both teaching and student learning.

Once you have planned out your responses, nominate yourself here between November 15 and December 15: http://aka.ms/EduNomination

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